Return authorization permit Martinez & Caballero Abogados Barcelona

What is a return authorization?

Many of the people who reside; They work or study in Barcelona, they want the summer season to arrive to visit their loved ones in their country of origin.

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What to do in case of unfair dismissal

What to do in the event of an unfair dismissal?

Within the branch of Labor Law, there is the figure of dismissal. However, there are several types of dismissal: null dismissal, unfair dismissal and fair dismissal. Of these three types, today we will talk about unfair dismissal.

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What is a regulatory agreement - Martinez & Caballero Abogados - Barcelona

What is a regulatory agreement?

The Regulatory Agreement is a terminology that is used within the field of Family Law. It is an agreement that includes the free will of the spouses regarding the legal consequences of the cessation of the marital cohabitation or the marriage of the spouses.

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Can I apply for Spanish nationality after living two years legally in the country?

One of the legally established ways to obtain Spanish nationality is by residence. However, it is required that the residence of the person in Spain must be extended for ten years legally, continuously and immediately prior to the request.

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How to request the residence card of a family member of a citizen of the European Union

How to request the residence card of a family member of a citizen of the European Union?

The residence card of a community family member or of a citizen of the European Union is a document that must be processed by all relatives of a Spanish citizen or of another Member State of the European Union, or of another State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area or Switzerland

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Immigration News 2019

At the end of December the Council of Ministers met in Barcelona, said meeting allowed “the approval of the increase of 900 euros in the Minimum Interprofessional Wage, this fact has a direct impact on Immigration matters”

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The abusive clauses of Internet loans

Much has been the problem with respect to those already known to all of us as “floor clauses” from which thousands of banks benefited at the expense of citizens who humbly and with great enthusiasm went to a bank to obtain a loan.

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exemption from taking the ccse exam to obtain Spanish nationality

Dispensation to take the CCSE exam to obtain Spanish nationality

There have been many doubts regarding the new procedure for obtaining Spanish Nationality, and specifically, many of our clients come to our office to ask us about the tests that have to be done in order to apply for it.

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How to request a police record Martinez & Caballero Abogados Barcelona

How to request a police record in Spain?

The existence of an unfavorable police report is one of the most recurring justifications that motivates refusals in matters of nationality and foreigners. That police report will be unfavorable when we have a police record.

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