Inmigrante esperando su informe de arraigo social


What is it and what requirements do you have to meet? The Arraigo Report is a document that serves to prove social integration in the process of obtaining an exceptional temporary residence permit (social roots). To process it, we must make an appointment at the Town Hall. It is important to know that in order for it to be processed, you must be a non-EU foreigner. In addition, you must be of legal age (or over 16 with the…

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Mujer haciendo uso de su pasaporte español antes de un control fronterizo


Obtaining Spanish nationality by residence requires examining the period of residence of the interested party in Spain during the times established by law. GENERAL NORM The general rule tells us that we can process Spanish nationality if we have been residing in Spain legally, continuously and immediately prior to the request for ten years. EXCEPTIONS This is the general rule, but there are exceptions in which the filing deadlines are shortened: Five years: for those who have obtained refugee status…

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Woman demanding her rights in a demonstration


FOREIGN NEWS: INSTRUCTION DGM 8/2020 ON THE RESIDENCE IN SPAIN OF THE PARENTS, NATIONALS OF THIRD COUNTRIES, OF MINORS CITIZENS OF THE UNION, INCLUDING SPANIARDS A) MINORS NATIONALS OF AN EU COUNTRY (THEY DO NOT HAVE SPANISH NATIONALITY) FAMILY ROOTS: The figure of family roots has been, to date, giving legal coverage to the residence permits of parents, nationals of third countries, of Spanish minors. What was family roots? We processed family roots when we, as undocumented persons,…

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exemption from taking the ccse exam to obtain Spanish nationality

Dispensation to take the CCSE exam to obtain Spanish nationality

There have been many doubts regarding the new procedure for obtaining Spanish Nationality, and specifically, many of our clients come to our office to ask us about the tests that have to be done in order to apply for it.

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How to request a police record Martinez & Caballero Abogados Barcelona

How to request a police record in Spain?

The existence of an unfavorable police report is one of the most recurring justifications that motivates refusals in matters of nationality and foreigners. That police report will be unfavorable when we have a police record.

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