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How to prioritize your family with the single parent card

If having a family implies having great responsibilities, it can be said that, in the case of single-parent families, these responsibilities are doubled. And here we are not only referring to financial responsibilities, but to all the daily efforts made to promote the best conditions and opportunities for children. What many do not know is that having the recognition of the title of large family can be beneficial in several ways and this is what we are going to discuss

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WHAT ADVANTAGES WILL I HAVE IF I OBTAIN SPANISH NATIONALITY? Welcome back to our blog, today we will be talking about the advantages that you will have if you obtain Spanish nationality. First of all we have to take into account that having Spanish nationality opens the doors of Europe for us and that is, you become not only a Spanish citizen, but also a European citizen. So, you can move to any European country, request your EU certificate and

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Welcome back to our blog, today we will be talking about two ways to establish a common-law relationship without having to go to a notary, but before the registry of stable couples in Catalonia. In our blog last week you can see the way of constituting it before a notary. CONSTITUTE A DOMESTIC PARTNER BEFORE REGISTRATION FOR CONTINUOUS COEXISTENCE FOR TWO YEARS IN A ROW. If you have been living with your partner at the same address for a period

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