What is a regulatory agreement?

What is a Regulatory Agreement?

The Regulatory Agreement is a terminology that is used within the field of Family Law. It is an agreement that includes the free will of the spouses regarding the legal consequences of the cessation of the marital cohabitation or the marriage of the spouses.

This document, once signed and approved by both spouses, is presented to the judge together with the application for separation or divorce by mutual agreement. It can also be filed with the consent of the other spouse. It must be taken into account that the Regulatory Agreement is not binding until it is ratified in court.

After ratification, the decree of separation or divorce is issued. It could be the case that the judge does not admit it because he considers that there are points that should be better considered. In this case, a new proposal must be submitted for approval.

What issues should the Regulatory Agreement contain?
  • Attribution of guardianship and custody of children.
  • Determination of the regime of visits and communications with the children.
  • The attribution of the use of the home and family trousseau.
  • Contribution to marriage and food charges.
  • Compensatory pension, pension for work reasons, etc.
  • Others.

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Anna Nicolàs Torán
Lawyer at Martínez Caballero Abogados.