Subsidy for domestic workers and workers with a temporary contract

Who is entitled to the subsidy for domestic workers and temporary workers?

Persons registered as domestic employees before the state of alarm came into force will be entitled to the subsidy for temporary employees and workers: who have stopped providing services in one or more homes, totally or partially, to reduce the risk of transmission due to the health crisis of the Covid-19.

Also those who have been subject to dismissal or withdrawal from contract during the health crisis.

What is the amount of the benefit?

The amount of the subsidy for female employees, which is retroactive if the cause is the current health crisis, will be the equivalent of 70% of the employee’s regulatory base if the termination is total. If the employee reduces her working day, she will receive the proportional part corresponding to that reduction in working hours.

It will be compatible with the maintenance of other activities, without, in this case, the sum of remuneration may exceed the amount of the Minimum Interprofessional Salary. However, it will be incompatible with the subsidy for temporary disability or with the collection of Recoverable Paid Leave.

What happens if I do not have the minimum contribution period to receive an unemployment benefit?

People who had a temporary contract of duration of at least two months that had expired after the declaration of the State of Alarm and who did not reach the minimum contribution period to receive an unemployment benefit may receive an extraordinary subsidy equivalent to 80% of the monthly amount of the Multiple Effects Public Income Indicator (IPREM), establishing access requirements based on the income situation of the family home.

How should I prove?

To apply for the new subsidy, it will be necessary to prove the total or partial loss of the activity with:

the signed responsible declaration of the employer, the dismissal letter, the notice of withdrawal or withdrawal from the Special System for Domestic Employees of the General Social Security Regime.

How will this benefit be received?

This extraordinary subsidy for lack of activity will be received for monthly periods, from the date of birth of the right.

Deadline to apply?

The third transitory provision establishes that the State Public Employment Service will establish, within a period of one month, from the entry into force of this royal decree-law, the procedure for processing applications, which will determine the forms, processing system (in person or electronically) and the deadlines for its presentation.


D./Dª. _____, provisto/a de DNI núm. _ y con domicilio en _, DECLARA:

Que D./Dª. _____
, provisto/a de DNI/NIE/Pasaporte núm. __, y núm. de Seguridad Social __, presta servicios en el domicilio indicado como empleado/a de hogar y consta dado/a de alta en el Sistema Especial de Empleados de Hogar del Régimen General de la Seguridad Social desde.

[Para poder acceder al subsidio, la persona trabajadora debe constar dada de alta en la Seguridad Social con anterioridad al 14 de marzo de 2020]

Que desde el pasado día , D./Dª. _____ ha dejado de prestar servicios temporalmente/parcialmente, por causas ajenas a su voluntad, a consecuencia de la crisis sanitaria ocasionada por el COVID-19, la posterior declaración del estado de alarma, y con el fin de reducir el riesgo de contagio.

Que el que suscribe efectúa la presente DECLARACIÓN RESPONSABLE en cumplimiento de lo establecido en el art. 30.2 del Real Decreto-ley 11/2020, de 31 de marzo, de por el que se adoptan medidas urgentes complementarias en el ámbito social y económico para hacer frente al COVID-19.

En _, a de _ de 2020.
[Firma de la persona o personas empleadoras]