How to help my company survive the POST PANDEMIC environment we live in and the race of the digital age

People first.

Prior to the PANDEMICthere was talk that we lived together at a business and personal level in enviromentsV.U.C.A Volatility – Uncertainty – Complexity – Ambiguity, however in a pandemic situation and later, the environment has already jumped to the famous B.A.N.I, don’t you know what it is?

Well, I’ll tell you quickly so that we can situate ourselves, the environment BANI: Brittle, Brittle – Anxious, Anxious, impatient – Nonlinear, Nonlinear-Incomprehensible, Incomprehensible.

It is the acronym that gives characteristics to the current environment that we are facing and here I want to take advantage of this environment to shed light on why it is necessary and urgent to see digital transformation of our companies as something priority, urgent and important, We can no longer continue to say that it is something that does not affect us, because it does, both personally and business.

Here we go…

BANI: Brittle, Quebradizo – Anxious, Ansioso, impaciente – Nonlinear, No linear – Incomprehensible, Incomprensible.

  1. Brittle: Brittle, To mitigate the impact of a fragile environment, it is important to have the necessary digital tools to be able to carry out continuous analysis in the management of our business, both internally and externally.

Internally by having 360 control of all areas of my business with ERP systems (enterprise resource planning and control system). This serves to keep financial accounting, logistics and inventory management, Human Resources, Project Management, Production and sales.

External:. We can no longer think that using the phone is enough, or the typical thought of if they want me, they will look for me. We can rely on systems such as CRM to serve our customers as well as control, automate and generate marketing campaigns that lead to real customer conversion.

Something that happens a lot in small and not-so-small companies where I consult, is not having their accounting digitized, having a billing system is basic, so as not to waste time flooding ourselves with administrative tasks that could be done more easily and optimally.

Self-criticism, self-questioning, Asking and wondering with the right tools is key to continue navigating, added to this having our critical business success factors identified, thus marking an action plan with a long-term future.

  1. Anxious, anxious, impatient,

How many times do we find ourselves with the typical customer who felt badly served because we didn’t reply quickly?

The fact that the response to them always depends on human contact slows things down, each company is different and has its idiosyncrasies, however I find the constant that many forget that sales must be the center and main axis. since it is the only department that actually bills and makes my business a reality. However, we still find ourselves with pyramidal systems that put downward pressure, where the last rung is the commercial department, this even happens as entrepreneurs where we do everything and forget about sales.

If I neglect what makes me monetize and not be fragile, it is very likely that right now you are living the chronicle of a death foretold.

A system CRM (Customer Manager) is basic for any business. From there we can control the client from the zero minute that he had an approach to our business.

In fact, we anticipate with marketing strategies that also have a clear sales strategy through digital sales funnels.

It’s fun to see my clients react to the automations that can be done with this type of system, from a web form to an automatic reply by email, WhatsApp or RRSS to my client, making them feel important.

  • Nonlinear- Non-linear, the traditional rules were broken.

Today having the authoritarian figure of the boss is sent to pick up, being a boss is not synonymous with order and compliance, and the strategies of the past that worked for years are almost sent to be picked up, in this environment you are invited to leave the box, to observe from the data that my systems throw me, statistics close to reality for decision making.

We need leaders and collaborators with a liquid and open mentality, a Beta mentality, always in experimentation, study and observation.

We must learn to flow with an environment that moves at will and we must learn to dance with it.

The digital transformation of a company cannot be based on formulas that work for others, because it may very surely not work for my company or fail, because factors such as humans are not being taken into account when doing that. change process which must be accompanied and cared for this to really prosper.

  • Incomprehensible – Incomprehensible.

That’s right, this environment is capricious, many times we don’t understand it, many things happen at the same time, that’s why we focus on our value proposition and be clear about our success factors, have internal strengthening to better serve the external.

I do not believe in formulas that work for everyone and everything, I believe that a good digital transformation must take into account the individuality of companies to give them the ideal digital tools so that instead of being something frustrating for leaders and collaborators, they align with the purpose of business and transformation, in this way there will be a natural commitment for the benefit of all.

If you consider that digital transformation is important for your company and its long-term growth, I invite you to join us in an exploratory session to help you take those first steps hand in hand.

Liz Otalora
Purpose and Action
Digital transformation consultant and business mentor.