Immigration lawyers in Barcelona


Our professional experience and specialization in Immigration Law allows us to offer our clients the following services:

  • Initial work and non-work residence authorizations in Spain.

  • Student stays and extensions.

  • Modifications and compatibility with studies or work for someone else or self-employed.

  • Family reunification.

  • Authorizations by family members citizens of the European Union

  • Temporary residence authorizations due to exceptional circumstances: Social Roots, Family Roots and Labor Roots.

  • Renewals of work and residence permits.

  • Modifications of work authorizations.

  • Administrative and judicial assistance. Accompaniment before the Immigration Offices for residence applications, advice and legal assistance in administrative offices:

  • Appeal for reinstatement, appeal in case of denial of application for residences, judicial assistance, Administrative Litigation appeal.

  • Assistance and advice in the expulsion process.

  • Asylum Procedure in Territory.

  • Special Advice to people who want to live and work in Spain and are considered highly qualified professionals.

  • Homologation of foreign titles and assistance in Apostille of The Hague.

Regardless of your problem or the area in which you need advice, at MartInez & Caballero we are prepared, remember that we can help you legally in the areas of Criminal Law, Civil Law, Labor Law, Administrative Law, Companies, Self-Employed, SMEs, Entrepreneurs , Domestic Violence, Immigration and Spanish Nationality.


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