Welcome back to our blog, today we will be talking about the advantages that you will have if you obtain Spanish nationality.

First of all we have to take into account that having Spanish nationality opens the doors of Europe for us and that is, you become not only a Spanish citizen, but also a European citizen. So, you can move to any European country, request your EU certificate and start a new life in another European country legally.

  • Being a Spanish citizen and being a European citizen. Possibility to work throughout Europe without restrictions.

Secondly, as a Spanish citizen and a European citizen, it will be much easier for you to travel to the US. If you are going to travel for less than 90 days as a tourist, you will not need a visa, but you should only have 1) a machine-readable passport (which are all Spanish passports) 2) fill out the following online form (ESTA) at least 72 hours before arriving in the United States.

  • Free entry to the US, without the need for a visa, just meet two requirements.

Thirdly, if you like to be very interventionist in your society, you will be able to vote in the general elections in Spain. Remember that it is always advisable to seek advice on which political parties are the ones that fit your principles and values.

  • Vote freely in the general elections in Spain, as one more citizen.

Fourthly, to regroup parents, children and partners from other countries in a much more agile, less bureaucratic and more comfortable way.

  • Easy family reunification. Less requirements and more agility in processes.

Finally, being a Spanish citizen opens employment doors throughout the national territory that you could not access with your residence, such as employment in the public administration.

  • Access to public functions in the Spanish state.

Diana Caballero Aguirre
CEO- Director
Martínez Caballero Abogados.