Why is it important to do the taxes with a professional?

Have you ever wondered why there is such a big price difference when hiring a service to file your income statement. When the time comes to pay your taxes, the most normal thing is that we search Google, Wallapop, Milanuncios or other platforms where services can be offered, the variety in prices is even more curious. How is it possible that for a Can they charge you 20, 30 or 40 euros for the same service?

Cheap is expensive.

Popular sayings always give us accurate and simple answers, and it is that sometimes to save a few euros, we make decisions that we may regret in the future. The dangers that presenting the rent with a person who is not qualified to do so, or who is not really committed to you because they do not take care of your personal interests, are many and can have very serious consequences that we can regret.

The importance of data.

In the information age, data is everything, for a reason they call it the new gold.

When paying the rent, we provide very sensitive data, which if used fraudulently, can bring us very serious consequences as a scam.

Within this data, there are things as important as:

  • Your document number
  • Where do you work
  • Who do you live with
  • If you live for rent or have your own home or if you own property
  • The data of your family including your partner and your children.
  • Your bank details.
  • If you have received large amounts of money or inheritances.
The dangers.

It is important to know that if we provide all this information to the wrong person, we could be the victim of a scam in the future. Not even the big ones escape scammers, many big ones are victims of data thefts with which people later suffer loss of money in their bank account, now, imagine what can happen if that data falls into the hands of people who With bad intentions, they offer a cheap service so that you voluntarily provide them with the information they need for a scam.

Other details.

Presenting the rent is not just entering data, which is usually the service they offer for prices that at first glance seem very comfortable, however, there are many things that must be reviewed and entered manually when you want to present a rent properly, especially the data that remains and that will make the rent come out in your favor. On the other hand, many of the data that are entered to calculate the income come from documents provided by the companies or employers for whom you have worked, and often these data are not correct. The person who provides a cheap service is not interested in that, enters the information without verifying it and that will have a negative impact on your income statement. Other times it is simply that the person who makes the rent at a price that at first seems very comfortable, lacks the necessary knowledge to identify these erroneous and incorrect data.

The guarantee.

What a professional like Martinez & Caballero Abogados offers you is a guarantee of your security, you know that your data will be safe and also in the hands of professionals who give you a guarantee. In addition to checking the data that is entered in your income statement one by one, correcting everything that is necessary and the data that is not correct.

Also, keep in mind that sometimes, you have to appeal the declaration if there is something that is not correct or does not match, that is a service that is covered when you present your rent with a professional.

So now you know, if you want to be calm and know that both your data and the information you enter is correct, Martinez & Caballero Abogados is here to help you.

Germán Ruiz
Marketing & Communications
Martines & Caballero Abogados