A press release has recently been issued through which the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations has taken measures in relation to fingerprint citations and favorable alien resolutions.

What is the objetive?

  1. Provide more legal certainty to foreign citizens.
  2. Transfer peace of mind to people who are waiting to obtain an appointment for the processing of fingerprints or the issuance of the TIE.
  3. Enforce before third parties the rights inherent to the authorization granted by the Immigration Office.

What does this measure entail?

From now on, the resolutions issued by the Immigration Offices will specify their full effects without prejudice to obtaining the Foreigner Identification Card. Likewise, it is insisted that (…) the mere possession of said resolution produces full effects before the administration and before third parties, and its effectiveness is not conditioned on obtaining the Foreigner’s Identification Card (TIE).

This explanation in the form of a reminder will appear in the resolutions issued by the Immigration Office. This means that citizens who are currently waiting to obtain the TIE can use the resolution for all the necessary procedures, when proving their residence and/or work authorization.

Obtaining the TIE is a right and an obligation for the citizen. This measure will benefit many people who until now were in this situation.

Anna Nicolás Torán

Immigration Lawyer Martínez & Caballero Abogados