Constituting a common-law couple with a notary

Welcome back to our blog, today we will be talking about one of the ways to establish a domestic partnership that is before a notary. Clearly there are more ways, but this entry will only be directed to the explanation of constituting a common-law couple with a notary.

So that they can constitute a common-law couple before a notary, the first thing we are going to do is register the two people who want to make the common-law couple at the same address. To do this, they must make an appointment with the town hall where they want to register and, of course, where the address is where they will both live. 

Once both people are already registered at the same address, they must search for the nearest notary to their home in order to request an appointment and constitute the common-law couple. 

Is it mandatory to have a notary near your home? 

The reality is that no, it can be any notary, but it is recommended that it be a fence simply for convenience in mobility, and in case it is necessary to go again.

It is also necessary that once you have located a notary, you can ask what requirements the notary requests to be able to establish it, since each one of them has variable and fixed requirements. 

When we talk about fixed requirements, I am referring to the identification of the people who are going to constitute the common-law couple; register flyer for each one and coexistence flyer. 

As variables, they can request witnesses, or they can even ask you to have a joint registry for a minimum time. You must inform yourself well at the notary you have chosen. 

Once you go to the Notary with all the documents, remember that constituting a common-law couple is like getting married, it is a special day for both people, you can wear rings, or dress in a special way. 

The person who must register the domestic partnership is the notary himself, which means that after the appointment at the notary, what you should do is wait for the notary to indicate that everything has been registered correctly. 

You can also consult your procedure before the General Register of Domestic Partnerships of Catalonia or even request an appointment, we leave you the link to request an appointment: choose the province and office that corresponds to you. 

Finally, you will receive either at your home or the notary himself will give you the decision to register a domestic partnership. Remember that said document will be valid for 3 months from the date you have the document. 

Can I change my data in the domestic partnership?

Yes, of course, you can make changes before the same civil partnership registry office, just like to request information you must request an appointment. As advice, we tell you to obtain your digital certificate and you can do everything online, without having to travel. 

If you have more questions, you can consult everything on the official website of the Generalitat of Catalonia. 

Diana Caballero Aguirre
CEO- Director
Martínez Caballero Abogados.